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Our clients have a great opportunity to save money!

Car Insurance Smart CASCO policy is cheaper than regular CASCO policy up to 40%, and insurance risks are almost the same. 

Smart CASCO policy is new unique program from Insurance Company Salamandra.

This is light version of the full CASCO policy that covers the following insurances: 

  • Road accident due to the client's fault. In this case, we take into consideration franchise (the cost of the unconditional franchise is 3000 UAH).
  • Road accident without fault of the client. In this case, we compensate all expenses without any franchise.
  • • Damage caused to car due to a natural disaster (hail, squalls, flood and earthquake).

You can insure any car under the age of 15.
The insurance limit of Smart CASCO policy is from 100,000 to 300,000 UAH, depending on the class of your car.
The price of the policy will be from 4300 UAH.

I you own Smart CASCO policy you can use Euro protocol in case of accident (if the amount of expense does not exceed UAH 50,000). 
If your car has totally crashed (repair is economically impractical), we will refund you 70% of its cost.
We make decision about compensating all expenses up to 15 days. 

There is nice bonus for our clients. You have possibility to pay the insurance policy for four payments. There is no any commissions.

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