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What does the Car Insurance CASCO MINI mean for our customers?

Let us imagine such situation: an accident has occurred in which it is not your fault. What would you do if you only had Compulsory MTPL policy?

Should you deal with the culprit insurance company? What should you do if he does not have insurance policy at all? 

In such case, you would expect lawsuit and endless hope for damages. It is quite awesome prospect, is not it? Therefore, Car Insurance CASCO MINI relieves you from such troubles.

In case of accident where there is no your fault, you directly contact your insurance company. Moreover, we will compensate your expenses. Therefore, we will save your time. We solve all troubles with culprit insurance company.

There are seven main advantages for you: 

  • We compensate you all expenses (when you deal with other insurance company you can rely on luck).
  • Clear terms of payment (we agree it when concluding contract with the insurer).
  • The average payout is 23500UAN (it is less than 17900 if we talk about Compulsory MTPL).
  • The average payout period is about 15-20 days (it is about 50-90 days if we talk about other insurance company).
  • We propose you zero franchise.
  • There is possibility to make Euro protocol (if the amount of damage does not exceed 50,000 UAH)
  • We can propose you the best price.

Car Insurance policy CASCO for your vehicle costs 4% of its value, and a MINI CASCO one will cost you 35% cheaper than Compulsory MTPL policy (for example: OSAGO for you costs 1200 UAH, at the same time the price for a CASCO Mini for you is only 780 UAH).

Therefore, you save your time with short time of compensation times and get high quality service from Insurance Company Salamandra.

* The contract is valid for 1 year. It is possible to issue CASCO Mini insurance policy only if you buy our Compulsory MTPL policy.

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