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What damages does Casco insurance cover?

  • after an accident
  • unlawful acts of third parties
  • actions of natural phenomena
  • fires, lightning strikes, car explosions
  • any object falling or falling into the car
  • animal attack.

As you can see, Casco works in the accident during movement of the car and during its parking. In addition, if you have CASCO it does not matter if accident happens on your fault or no.

That is why IC Salamandra is always profitable terms of your Casco insurance policy:

  • We bear the cost of repairing your vehicle.
  • We will compensate you the purchase of another vehicle if yours are stolen.
  • We have installment of CASCO insurance payment that is comfortable for you, our client.
  • We do not need extra documents if you have some damages by weather phenomena, collisions with animals, damage car body by a third party.
  • It is possible to draw up an accident by Euro protocol (if the amount of compensation does not exceed 50 thousand UAH).
  • We quickly pay you money in case of your car damage (from 5 to 10 days - depending on the terms and conditions of the contract).
  • Prices! The CASCO insurance will cost you percentage equivalent of the cost of the car (based on market value, year of manufacture and the model).

How can you get cheaper insurance policy?

  1. Choose your extent of franchise. 
  2. Franchise can reduce insurance policy cost but increase your liability. 

ROUND-THE-CLOCK ASSISTANCE is one more bonus for our client.

It will become your navigator everywhere not only on the road. Our round-the-clock Assistance will help you to find the right store, just tell us what you need to buy. He can also wake you up if you are afraid of sleeping through your morning plane. 


The owners of Salamandra's CASCO insurance policy securely protect themselves: all the unpredictable expenses for repairing their vehicles are already our concern.

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