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The most important thing is your health!

Medical reform has made some changes in medical things that we previously considered normal. There is no way to call doctor to visit you at home. There is big problems with emergency. Besides that, it is almost impossible to see highly specialized doctor. 

IC SALAMANDRA can provide you voluntary health insurance policy. Voluntary health insurance policy from IC SALAMANDRA means confident in the future, whatever happens. 

What do we offer you?

  • The price of individual insurance is from 5 UAH per day. Fast and easy underwriting of the policy.
  • You get medical assistance throughout Ukraine. It does not matter if you are at home, on business or on vacation, we will provide you with medical assistance.
  • We solve all organizational issues such as referral, provision of essential medications. All there are no more your worries. 
  • We control the quality of medical service and protect your interests at the time of action insurance policy. 

We have three types of program

(You can choose which suits you depending on your needs and financial capacity)

  1. VIP
  2. Business
  3. Economy
These programs provide a wide range of services: 
  • Outpatient care (specialist consultations, laboratory and instrument research, doctor's call home),
  • ambulance (round-the-clock departure of emergency, first aid, medical support, transportation to the hospital),
  • Inpatient care (emergency care, intensive care, laboratory and instrumental research, medication).

The insured event is getting of basic medical assistance at the time of action insurance policy, which are valid in the client's chosen program.

IC Salamandra, for health - to us!

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